We offer you Swedish quality dental care using General Anaesthesia (Narcosis)

Quick – one visit only!

Swedish quality dental care since more than 20 years!

Sleep at your dentist!

You can expect good individual, personal care and attention by our competent experienced professional staff, who has extensive specialist training in complicated and aesthetic dental treatment, anaesthesiology, intensive care and psychology.

Because you are asleep, we can work extremely quickly and with great exactitude, and accomplish much more than would be possible with conventional treatment in the same amount of time. In almost all cases only one visit to Stockholm with 1 – 2 general anaesthetics is enough to deal permanently with all your teeth – even extensive treatments.

We also can help you to remove your amalgam fillings in a safe and quick way.

We look forward to having you as a patient and wish you most welcome to the Clinic!

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Stockholm Dental Clinic for General Anaesthesia
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